Trayco / Masters in cable management

Welcome to Trayco, your reliable partner for top quality cable support systems. Trayco is strong in manufacturing, innovation and consulting. We believe in the power of Belgian craftsmanship and family values. As a true family business, we are proud of our local production and value personal relationships and trust.

Trayco is a modest but agile organization that likes to take on larger, more unwieldy structures. We therefore identify with the story of David and Goliath, a timeless legend about an underdog overcoming a seemingly impossible challenge. David, the shepherd boy, defeated the giant Goliath in battle with only his sling and five stones.

Trayco, like David, is able to outsmart larger organizations. Every day we make a difference for our customers with our commitment to perfection, passion for the product, innovative thinking, agility, flexibility and responsiveness. With fresh dynamics and tons of experience, we are happy to be at your service regarding cable support systems and installation. Whether it's large industrial installations or smaller projects, we are always ready to lend our expertise. In short, at Trayco, we go beyond manufacturing and innovating cable support systems.


Five core values guide all our activities and make us unique. We use them to overcome challenges and achieve successes.


We believe in striving for quality and perfection in our products, using high-quality raw materials and the latest technologies. We transfer this passion to our motivated team, which is always at your service with great knowledge about and passion for our products.


Our strength lies in making high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers. We listen to the needs of the market and continuously respond to them. We also test the strength, resistance and fire safety of our products in accordance with the applicable European guidelines. By doing so, we guarantee the safety and efficiency of every installation.

Flexibility and service

We know that speed and flexibility go hand in hand. Trayco therefore combines fast deliveries with excellent customer service, a large stock and high agility to provide our customers with the best possible solutions.


We take pride in our role as advisor and guide throughout the entire installation process. Our team pays special attention to your professional needs and guarantees the production of smart solutions or tailor-made products.


We believe in creating win-win situations by bringing together our knowledge, experience and solutions that exceed the cost of goods. Our approach not only results in professional advice and long-term partnerships, but also saves our clients time and money.