Trayco / mastering the art of cable management


Trayco is the result of many years of accumulating knowledge and experience. Our company was founded in 2012 by Geert Ballet and Pieter Tsjoen. In 2015, Steven Vergalle joined the team. The trio has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and combines their competitive entrepreneurial spirit with project-based advice. And that pays off, because they were able to win the trust of major players from home and abroad in a short time.


"Our eagerness as entrepreneurs and our know-how in the form of personalized project consulting provide unprecedented value in the industry." - Geert Ballet, CEO Trayco

Trayco as a growth company

Trayco has quickly become an established player in the cable support systems industry. Our impressive reference projects, ever-growing customer base, and recognition by Trends Gazelles serve as evidence of this. Meanwhile, we continue to prepare for the future, with a new building and expansion of scale on the horizon. The best is yet to come!

Recognition by Trends

From pioneers to masters in cable support systems

Numbers don't lie. In 2012, we started our adventure with a modest team of less than 10 pioneers. Back then, Trayco had an area of just 2,500 m², a range of 800 products and a stock worth 1 million euros.

Like any good story, ours has crucial turning points. In 2014, we ventured across borders and opened Trayco BV (distribution) in the Netherlands. A few years later (2017) we expanded our area by 3,000 m² and invested in state-of-the-art machinery. New bending machines (2017) and an innovative ladder line (2021) strengthened our growth. With the launch of Ultra Galva, The Force and Solar by Trayco, we extended our range to a competitive one.

Now, twelve years later, our numbers have impressively quadrupled! Our passionate team now counts more than 40 members. The production space has provisionally doubled to 6000 m² and our stock rose to a value of a staggering 4 million. Our range of cable support systems also grew from 800 articles to more than 3500. This allows us to meet the ever-growing demand.

And that's not all. We now have a customer base of 6500 satisfied partners, and we are still growing. This includes our numerous export customers, who have distribution points and projects all over Europe.

Team Trayco

Our growth is due to the experience of the founders, the passion of the amazing Trayco team and the drive that binds our entire company. Through our valued dealerships and installers, we spread our quality on construction sites both nationally and internationally. Together with Trayco, you will take your project to the next level!