Trayco / mastering the art of cable management


Can a young company distinguish itself on the cable support systems market? Of course, we are living proof of this because Trayco possesses tons of experience as well as a vibrant dynamic. Geert Ballet and Pieter Tsjoen founded our enterprise in 2012. Steven Vergalle joined the team in 2015. The trio have acquired respectively 24, 20 and 36 years‘ experience in the sector and couple their energy and gusto for business to an advisory role for each project. What’s more, this pays off because we have been able to win the trust of major players in a short space of time, at home and abroad.

Advice for each project
Trayco‘s strength lies in producing, innovating and installing cable support systems, but we do more than that. We jointly examine with you the right products, safety, an efficient installation process and so on. This not only provides you with professional, tailor-made advice but also saves you time and money, and in some cases new, quality products are uniquely produced, fully customised for your project.

Proud of our craft
What drives us? Passion! It is a cliché that we‘re only too happy to confirm. We strive to achieve quality products, innovate in our never-ending quest for improvement, offer advice because we are proud of our business and aim for the best results since we are aware that word of mouth advertising works best. It generates great projects for us in diverse sectors, also beyond our national borders.

“Our eagerness as entrepreneurs and our know-how in the form of personal project advice
guarantee unprecedented added value in the sector.”
Geert Ballet, CEO Trayco

HISTORY / Family history as a strong foundation

Trayco is the result of many years’ experience and knowledge. The seeds were already sown in 1950, when Steven’s father founded a sheet metal works. It was to be his first company in a series of many in the sheet metal processing sector. In 1982, the firm ventured into the cable support systems sector. The company was run by Steven with Geert Ballet at the helm as operational director. During this period Pieter Tsjoen set up Vento, a worldwide manufacturer of accessories for air channelling. After a couple of twists and turns, Steven, Geert and Pieter were reunited by their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the sector. Today, managing director and CEO Geert Ballet is responsible for the day-to-day management.
One solid group

Trayco was launched in 2012, with the construction of offices and a 5,000 m2 production unit in Oudenaarde to manufacture a basic range of 800 articles. Nowadays the company is part of one solid group, along with Vento, Flexairduct, Nowavent and Vento International. In 2017 this resulted in an annual turnover of 53 million. Trayco is proof of how a new business can expand over a short period of time to become an established player in the sector. In recent years we have significantly expanded our distribution network, our production capacity, our range and operational field, and owe this growth to the experience of the founders, the team’s motivation and the drive that connects our company as a whole.

TEAM TRAYCO / Valued and driven

Over a short period of time Trayco has grown to become an established value in the cable support systems sector. We owe this to our team, which exemplifies the company’s vision day in, day out. Our valued dealers and installers help us deliver our quality at sites at home and abroad.