Hinged Cover Square Plain

Bottom frame + cover + cable exit + fixation screws
Max. load small surface: 500N
Max. load large surface: 1500N
In use: IP20
Not in use: IP30
Flat cover without recess depth
Material: SS304
Application: dry-cleaning areas

Technical information

Article code SS304 Stock length A unit vpk
FS-HC15-PL-SQ-260 16631 260 260 ST 1
To connect with -
EN50085 compliant
Hinged cover with integrated opening lever
Equipotential connection provided between cover and frame
Full INOX-look
- no plastic parts in visible places
- top surface of the lid completely made out of INOX
Can be fitted with:
- 1x apparatus cup low height (FS-AC-LOW-260-PG)
- max. 3x horizontal apparatus cup (FS-AC-HO-260-PA9011)
Can be fitted directly to the green adjustment frame on the floorbox, ensuring perfect alignment with the finishing floor
Seam between border and finishing floor is sealed using silicone sealant
For installation in floating floor:
- Opening to be provided: 260 x 260 mm
- Levelling unit (FS-LU-RF-34-260-PA)
After fixation, the upper side of the protection edge sticks out 3mm above the adjustment frame.



Load diagram

Accessories and options