Trayco Solar • superfast and flexible solar mounting solutions

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Trayco offers a wide range of support systems and accessories for a fast and flexible mounting of solar installations. Thanks to their durable finishing (DG and CO) these systems can be used both internally as well as in more agressive surroundings (e.g. saline). As an installer you significantly win time whilst using the clippable accessoires. We also know that each project differs, the extended range of coupling pieces and profiles offer you all flexibility.

Discover the MT-FB-ROOF-CO, clippable support for mesh trays, covered by rubber to easily stick it onto the roofing

  • no nuts required
  • premounted fixation plate
  • finishing in CO
  • gluable on roofing

Download the PDF file here or contact our sales team.

Solar Shelter

With the Trayco Solar Shelter, provided in a practical construction kit, you will install your solar inverter in no time!

  • mounting on the working field or on flat roofs
  • stable and durable
  • easily to expand to 10 or more inverters

Download the pdf here or contact our sales team!