MINI.BOX by Trayco

Monday 26 April 2021
The one and only plug & play system

MINI.BOX by Trayco is a compact floor box with a width of 300mm to which only flexible tubes can be connected. The metal frame has a height of 28mm or 38mm. The system can be raised with additional blue frames in 34mm steps. The system is easy to level out by means of the green leveling frame.

Its size makes this floor box not only convenient to use, but also a competitive solution for your projects.

Floor systems

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‘The Box’ can be used with our closed cable trays “CTLI35” with clippable cover for cable laying, but it is also available with the more robust floor trays “FS-FT” for pulling cables (equipped with two or three compartments). For working with conduit, easy to remove knock-outs were provided to facilitate accessibility to ‘The Box’.

Fixation clamps

A choice was made not to work with integrated couplings but with fixation clamps that also serve as an electrical bonding and that fully protect and seal gaps in order to prevent penetration of the screed while pouring. The use of this clamp creates greater more space to slide (40mm) so that everything can be connected more easily, and so that ground floor ducts can be more easily processed in their totality.

Built-in elements with hinged cover

Beautiful design with attention to detail, with priority given to user friendliness and safety. Correspondence between the correct depth of the recess in the cover and the chosen type of finishing floor is achieved by moving plastic elements under the metal plate. The cover can be easily installed in the hinged cover in two directions. The apparatus cup and hinged cover were matched to each other in such a way that ribs indicate where the cup can be positioned. Partial snapping into place by the engagement mechanism ensures that your hands are free and guarantee a worry-free installation. The apparatus cup is equipped with a closed bottom as standard to guarantee your safety. This bottom is equipped with knock-outs to allow careful connection of sensitive data cabling. Clickable cover plates are available to effortlessly integrate screw-in devices as well as Module 45 devices. For lower installation heights >70mm, a special mount was designed that is ideal for applications with right-angled and straight plugs.

Quick assembly

‘The · Box’ is a fully assembled and user-friendly solution that can be installed immediately after delivery without prior assembly or instructions.

Height adjustment for post-leveling

‘The · Box’ is a unique, robust system consisting of a metal floor box with one fixed and one adjustable sleeve made of plastic. The latter allows ‘The · Box’ to be perfectly levelled in function of the desired height of the concrete screed and finishing floor (carpet, parquet, linoleum, floor tiles,…)

Visual indication minimum height concrete screed

‘The · Box’ is also equipped with all the markings needed to enable safe and quick assembly, height adjustment for post-levelling, alignment marking and a visual indication of the minimum height of the concrete screed!

Safe to use

Safe for the user due to its striking green adjustment sleeve, which is fitted with a cover for use on site to prevent dangerous situations after pouring the concrete screed and adjusting ‘The · Box’. Furthermore, all plastic parts are made of flame-retardant material also care was taken during the design phase to ensure integration of the necessary fixtures to avoid cable

Your floor system in 4 easy steps

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1/ Fixed frame assembly

2/ Assembly and levelling

3/ Apparatus cup

4/ Hinged cover